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Sprint Reviews

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  • Sprint Trainer Rewards

    You guys had a really cool rewards programme in partnership with Pokémon Go. Except that it's been days (if not weeks) now that the prizes available for redemption have been "temporarily out of stock". If there is no intention to replenish the prizes, please be honest and state so clearly on the site. Giving people the illusion that they should continue to support the rewards programme when there are almost no attainable prizes left is dishonest. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Horrible Customer Service

    I would like Sprint to read my last review and to compensate me by bringing my account to a zero balance. Over a course of 2 days, Sunday 11/27 and Monday 11/28, I had the worst customer service experience. The Worst. Over 6 hours of the worst customer service I have ever received in my life, that's the least they can do. I deserve it and I know if this goes to the leadership team they will know who wrote this when they see the dates. Even the leadership team said the rep was rude and unprofessional More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Service

    To Sprint, Please be informed that my service was wrongfully discontinued on 9/12/15 I paid for my HTC in full as well as paid for my no contract service in full with time remaining on my service for the month. The problem is as follows Phone #1 I purchased a HTC phone and no contract service The phone had a broken microphone Sprint charged me an additional #25 to send me a new phone Sprint instructed me to keep Phone # 1 until the new phone was set up Phone # 2 I received in the mail the new HTC phone # 2 Sprint was unable to set up the new HTC phone # 2 and reported that Phone # 2... More...
  • reverse charges

    Sprint took a 638.50 payment from an account that was not mine, and should have been closed months ago, in fact the account should never have been set up. Made aware when my bank called to let me know I was over drawn. After 6 hours of work I was told the charge was reversed and money would be put back. After a promsied call back was 3 days late called spent another 3+ hours to be told it was not done and they would make a ticket and I would hear from somebody in three to five more days. Really just want the charges reversed so I can close the account. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Unlimited data / tethering

    I have been with Sprint since 2011. I have the HTC EVO 4G which has premium data added to my "Everything Data 450" plan. I have no broadband service in my area so I talked to a Sprint representative about their new faster phones and service. I explained my situation and how exactly I would be using the phone and data service. I was enrolled at the University where I worked and needed to be able to access my online classes that I had been previously doing via dialup. Considering the terms and conditions of my contract, I wanted to make sure I could do this and not be penalized. I... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • My service

    1st off, my category is service. Its not an option. 2nd, it should be easy to find a complaint button directly on your website. Not be more of a pain in my ass. 3rd, I want to talk to someone of importance when i have a complaint. NOBODY ELSE. Who is making millions of dollars off of ripping people off? THATS who needs to be talking to every complaint, personally. HORRIBLE SERVICE. Im pissed I cant get ahold of who needs a piece of my mind. Not some service rep.. I want to talk to ceo. A bunch of rats who know they're rats. You pieces of not deserving one single dollar shitheads. Im... More...
  • Worst service and over paying

    I have been a loyal customer with Sprint for over 14 years. I'm at my highest peak of frustration with Sprint. I live in NYC and I have the worst cell reception. I have been lied to by a number of Sprint representatives for the past year noting that in my service area where I live they are working on a tower to have better service in my area. I have heard this lie for the past year since April 2013 and beyond. In addition, I cannot receive calls in my apt along with having many dropped calls on a weekly basis. I owed $44.97 on a bill and they literally disconnected my phone even... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • horrible service

    I called Sprint many times regarding the horrible internet/phone service. This month has been the worse. We wen't away to South Jersey (beach, boardwalk, hotel, restaurant) and not one phone (we have 3 phones with sprint)worked! no internet, no making outside calls. I called about the issues last year - not working while we're at the beach. I'm so sick of listening to the same old excuse, according to your location it shows great service OR the towers are your location is great.. It's not!!!!!!!! i can't take Sprint anymore and i want out!! $25 credit will not... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Humiliated by Sprint Supervisor

    Supervisor Name: Annette-interaction - I584388729 (Supervisor) I became a customer for sprint on Oct 22nd 2011, from then I was facing some problems with service and customer care but it looks like they are very minor issues as wasn’t taking them as granted. But then from last 8 month I’m facing a trouble with customer care. The way they treat us when I call for information or form any support, usually they don’t give me a right information because they don’t their own policies. If I make a call to 5 customer supports representatives, those 5 representatives will... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • customer service/billing

    sprint allowed 2 cell phone numbers to be ported from an account purchasing 5 brand new cell phones on without the consent of the account holder before the first payment on the contract with all 5 phones was made and now they expect the account holder to cover the cost of two note3 to be paid in full immediately. The first bill is not due tomorrow and no 1 has answers not even supervisors. Myself the account holder and his wife will be out of service because sprint allowed this to happen no one will speak to us about it and the account holder is in the military and must have a phone 24 /7... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • sprint allowed two phones to be stolen

    sprint allowed two phone numbers to be ported from my son in laws account without his knowledge or consent. when he opened the account there were five phones five names listed one for each phone,the two phones are now being expected to be paid in full the day before the first payment is due we cannot retrieve these phones because sprint allowed the numbers to be ported after information to gain access to the account has been changed. So now myself my daughter and my son in law who is in the military and needs a 24/7 Phone are expected to cover this ridiculous ammount, due to sprints... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • horrible experience

    I just switched to Sprint and 100% regret it already. My first conversation on the phone with sprint was dismal - I don't have service where I live and they won't send me an extender unless I pay $100. Also, they said I have $3 to return the phone without a fee, except they started counting the days when they shipped and the phone didn't arrive until 5 days later. They said they couldn't do anything about that. Wow, what a mistake. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Problems with Iphone5

    I got a 2 years contract with Sprint since last January 2013. They gave to me an iPhone 5. ( Brand New ). Right now the ON/OFF button doesnt work properly and I went to Sprint twice and they told me that they can change my phone for a USED ONE called REFURBISHED!!! because they dont have an Apple Store near by my location. I called Apple and they told me the same, that they can replace my phone for a USED ONE. I think that this is OUTRAGEOUS because I signed a contract for 2 YEARS for a BRAND NEW PHONE , not for a used one. I only want to Sprint or Apple take my warranty ( 12 months... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • 3G Service at Dialup Speeds

    I signed up for service about two weeks ago. 3G service has been very very spotty. Some areas its as fast as advertised and in most other areas its roughly equivalent to dial up speeds. Some areas data doesn't work at all. Voicemails don't come in on time (sometimes for hours), emails won't come in reliably. I've talked to four people at Sprint without resolution. I'm using an Apple iPhone 5. I've done a full device reset with the rep re-activating it. I've done the ##update# trick. I've switched airplane mode off then on again.... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Dropped Calls

    I have an IPhone 42 with the very latest software updates. In fact, I even did a complete reset plus a PPRL update. I also have an Air Rav from Sprint. Nevertheless, I am getting many dropped calls. I believe it to be an issue with the phone as this occurs sometimes outside my home. My contract is up this summer and I hope to remain a Sprint customer. Please assist More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Photon 4g

    This is about the 5th time that I've had my Photon 4g no longer able to receive texts or calls. I've looked online and found that is is a common issue. That being the case, I'm not sure why these phones are still even on the market when they don't work. Numerous responses have said either pull the battery (did not work) or cross interference (had no applications running and was in various different zones with good network signal and still no sign of it correcting the problem). It can take up to several days for texts and missed calls to finally show up. This is extremely... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Can some-one resolve this

    Here I am a CUSTOMER of 13 YEARS who has held on to this sorrrrry-god forsaken company. They have managed to partner with so many companies they have forgotten the fact that suckers that they use as customers actually fund this company. IDIOTS, they have let some no name come in and STEAL a good portion of their market share with VOIP! A low price, and most of all NO CONTRACT. THe CEO, CFO should just quit.. Anyway; I myself have had a Smartphone since 2003, who knew that we would be dwarfed by 1g, 2g, 3g, and even 4g, who knew? HOwever Sprint who just reigned On thier PREMIERE PLAN,... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Honesty Issues?

    I used to be a sprint customer for almost 10 years. I was only late on my bill once and they did a great job helping me out with MY problem. This is the issue: On Sprint's contract if you move to an area that does not have sprint coverage then you are can drop them without an early termination fee. Here is my story: I moved to a different area and spent a month trying to get Sprint to call me back. Trying to send them emails, and a fax proving that we moved. In that month I also spent a week being on the phone everyday for 2hours a day, and the last day I spent 7hours with them.... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Deleted Emails

    Upgraded from an HTC 6800 that was repaired/replaced 3 times in less than a year. Had to increase service plan $, bad enough. Was told absolutely voicemails would NOT be deleted. Ironically I am a former telecomm product developer/manager and worked on many platforms including voicemail migrations etc. Again, was adamently told would not loose voicemail. This was not true. Apparently the HTC Sense rides a different platform and rep I called (escalated to top rep) said they should be there. We confirmed they were not and he has no idea how to get in back door to get old... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • 3g 4g for the broadband

    I signed up for the 59.99 unliminted wireless broadband plan at a local sprint store, I told them what I wanted and what I had with my current carrier they said that this is the plan, with no slow down or metering after so much data. The 2 year plan was fine and they said I had 30 days if I was not satisfied, first bill is $600 are you kidding me? now after the fact they claim 4g and 3g plans are not the same and 4g is not available in my area, this shoulmy arred of been covered up front of what was not covered or in my area, not when a sale pending of after the fact More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Sprint's Insurance scam

    When you upgrade your phone with Sprint, do not accept $20 in exchange for your old phone­. This is a ploy so that you have to buy insurance, which actually gives you very little for your money. Insurance is not a bad thing if it actually covers you, but with Sprint’s insurance, for $7 per month, if you lose your phone or it breaks and you need a new one, you’ll still have to purchase the replacement phone at the full price, sometimes $300 or more per phone. The only thing the insurance affords you is a $50 deductible off that price. Not only that, but the... More...
  • Ripped Off, Insulted

    I have service since 1999. I had 4 lines with Sprint, with the last addition of a line added in October 2009. The first bill I received for that line was double billed, over charged, and billed in advance. I spent over 2 hours on the phone with a representative that could not decipher the bill either. I have had automatic payment of the bill set up with my credit card. My bill for that month was 762.00, jumping from 165.00 the previous month with only the addition of 1 new line, 1 replacement phone which I was eligible for and 1 new phone with the new phone line. The area I live... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Sprint communication

    I've asked repeatedly if you received the return of the replacement Palm Treo with no reply, or a reply that asked me to repeat information already supplied. I can not access Sprint online to write a new ticket and your reps do not not properly respond via eMail to the previous communications. This is only the last of many issues I have with your company. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Replacement for defective phone.

    I own a Palm Treo 800w. The charger port malfunctioned after about 70 days. It will not charge or sync my phone. In my local Sprint store, I was told a new phone would be ordered since mine was less than 3 months old. After a wait of one week, I received a call to come in to pick up my new phone. When I got to the store, they offered me a scratched reconditioned phone which I declined. The sales rep ordered another phone, and gave me an order number for the new phone. After another week’s wait, I went in for the new phone. Out of the back room comes the same scratched... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Sprint - Rebate Fraud

    I filed a complaint against Sprint on Sunday, 08 March 2009. As of Monday, 23 March 2009, this matter has not resolved to my satisfaction. In fact, this matter was not resolved at all. I was contacted by Sprint on Monday, 09 March 2009. I verified my account information (for security purposes) and supplied the the proof of purchase (via email attachment). I was informed that a ticket would be opened and a billing specialist would contact me. A billing specialist contacted me on Tuesday, 10 March 2009. Once again, I verified my account information (for security purposes) and supplied the the... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Customer Service Issue / No Problem Resolution

    BACKGROUND: I lost my phone last week (10/28/08) and spoke with someone about suspending the phone nuber (916-317-9144). The gal did assist me with that, however, I wanted to make sure that the phone was indeed suspended since I was getting voicemail (wasn't sure if that was correct), so I called again. This time I reached another customer service rep that was AWESOME. Not only did she tell me that the phone was suspended, but she also asked if she could help me with getting a replacement phone. The other person didn't mention it at all. I did get a replacement phone... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)


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