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Sprint Complaint - Horrific Customer Treatment - Customer service problems
Sprint Complaint

Sprint Complaint


Horrific Customer Treatment - Customer service problems

In July, I switched over to Sprint and received a year free of Amazon Prime, which went active in November. In November I purchased a "free" tablet from a Sprint store, and they switched my service over to unlimited data, and in doing so I lost my prime membership. I was not informed that switching my plan was going to cause me to lose my Prime membership.

I was unaware of this until Sunday November 27, when I went on Amazon to make a purchase. I called Amazon, who informed me to contact Sprint. I contacted Sprint, informed the customer service rep of what the situation was and she told me to talk to sales, and transferred me. When I finally got through to someone in sales, they told me I had to speak to someone in customer care. I was transferred yet again, and placed on hold forever. After waiting about 20 minutes, I hung up and called back. This happened for about 2 1/2 hours. During this 2 1/2 hours I requested to speak to a rep in the United States as the language barrier was becoming difficult. Of course they couldn't accommodate my request. I called back yet again, and the representative that answered sounded like he was working at home, and having a party. There was laughing and joking and clapping going on in the background. He was also not from the US. This rep asked for my information - my name, my phone number and my passcode. I couldn't remember my passcode but most times they ask me the name of my first pet, which I gave him but was not satisfactory for him. He insisted I give him the passcode. I didn't know it. He put me on hold for 10 minutes, came back and asked me for my name, number and passcode. I again explained to him I did not know my passcode, he put me on hold again, for another 10 minutes. This happened at least 5 times. After the 5th time I remembered that Sprint had once texted me my passcode because I had forgotten it so while on hold I searched my old messages and found it. I continued to stay on hold. I actually took a bath while on hold. A soaking bubble bath and still on hold. When the rep came back on the line he asked me the same questions again, this time I had all the answers. When I explained why I was calling, he said I had to talk to sales. I couldn't take it anymore. I had been bounced back and forth for 3 hours and I was furious. I screamed at this rep - I had enough. I hung up and went to bed. Monday 11/28, I tried again. Also, it was Cyber Monday and I had planned on using my Amazon Prime for Christmas shopping, but couldn't because I couldn't get anyone at sprint to help me. Again, after about 2 hours of me getting bounced back and forth again - I called them one last time. Was put on hold. While on hold, I drove to the sprint store in the mall. I showed them that I was on hold still for over an hour. I explained what happened to the rep in the store. He picked up his phone, and got right through to someone, who resolved the issue. That said, I asked for the corporate phone numbers because I was filing a complaint. He gave me a number in Orange, CT. I called that number only to be told it wasn't the correct number (there's a surprise). He provided me with a number. When I got home I called and spoke to Lorenzo - 855-639-9760 x3175. I requested that he listen to all the phone calls I went through on Sunday and Monday, especially the last one on Sunday. I also requested that my bill be made to a zero balance - compensation for the mental abuse I took from their representatives. He informed me he would listen to the calls, especially the last one and get back to me in 24 - 48 hours. He called me about an hour ago. Said he listened to the last call, only the last call. He said the rep was rude and unprofessional. He said I was rude as well. Well, I asked him, wouldn't you be upset after 3 hours of being treated like I was? He also informed me he would not be giving me any sort of compensation towards my bill (which is due today, if not paid will be shut off). I requested to speak to his manager. He gave me his name, Ben, and told me he would transfer me. He put me on hold, and then came back 2 minutes later and informed me Ben would not compensate me either. I replied that I had asked to speak to Ben, I didn't ask you to speak to Ben. I requested a transfer to Ben, and was sent to his voice mail. I left him a message. 5 minutes after I hung up with Lorenzo, my text messaging stopped working, even though I have full service, full bars. I called back that number Lorenzo gave me and spoke to Dave, who informed me that there were no interruptions on my account. Well, I find it quite coincidental considering the person I am sitting next to at work is not getting my message and they are coming back not delivered, 5 minutes after I hung up with Lorenzo. He informed me he would send some signal to my phone to clear up "whatever" it is. Asked me if there was anything else. I said yes. I want every call listened to, and until that happens, my service had better not be interrupted. I am beyond frustrated with the customer service I received. On Sunday, while waiting on hold, my son wondered why I was getting upset so I put the phone on speaker so that he could hear how I was being treated. There was no need, none whatsoever, for me to wait 3 hours, for me to be passed back and forth or for me to be put on hold countless times and then be taken off hold only to be asked the same questions again and again. I don't know what, if anything, can be done. I figured I would give this site a try.

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