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Sprint is horrible and false representation..I HAD a Samsung Nexus S. That is until I took it to a "Sprint repair store". I had charging issue with my nexus S so I took it to repair store in SPRINGFIELD, OHIO. I had recently bought a new JAN cord for my phone and soon after I started having a charging issue, so I took the phone in and all I needed to know was if the problem was with the phone or with the cord. The cord had a warrantee which is why I needed to know which the problem. All they had to do was try a different cord on my phone, boom, problem solved. But no, instead they decided to disassemble my phone and when put it back together, it doesn't work at all!!!!. This phone worked perfectly when I took it in, except for the charging issue which wasn't really a problem, just to hold cord a certain way. I was told "sorry, its not our problem"...WHAT???!!!!! ..After a very heated debate in the store I went home and immediately contacted Sprint. After discussing what had happened, the service rep discussed it with her supervisor and informed me that they would replace my phone for $35. Ok, I'm good with that. She directed me to a sales store, I go to thousand store and am informed that they don't handle this type of issues and directed me back to the same "repair" store where this all started!!!. I go back to that store and tell them what I was told would be done and, again, am told we do not handle that here. I am now directed to go to this "corporate" store 25 miles away!. I go there and guess what?.. told the same Damn thing. I insist they get Sprint office on the phone and I talk to another "supercrook". He tells me that the service rep I spoke to ad well as the the supervisor she spoke with are both being repremanded for telling me what they did and that I should never have been offered that because they refuse to do anything for me. Period. I go back home and call Sprint again and tell the rep I want her top supervisor to talk to and again am told they won't help me, saying that even tho that repair store says Sprint..carries Sprint logo.employees wearing shirts saying SPRINT..they are not a part of sprint WTF????. I have a 4 line plan with a yr and a half left on my contract...I tell the "lady"that if I don't get what I was originally offered, since this repair store is the one who screwed up my phone and not me, that I was cancelling my contract. They opted to lose just under $3000 rather than replace my phone for $35... Customer service?..

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