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User comment: Sprint - The Model of Poor Customer Service

I believe and understand your complaint. We have been Sprint customers for almost 14 years. We recently lost our job in Northern CA, and planned on moving to Santa Maria, CA. Sprint provided us with new numbers in the Santa Maria area. The numbers NEVER WORKED! Two hours after they assigned these new numbers, we called Sprint to find out what the issue was, as the data and phone service DID NOT WORK. They advised us to retain our original numbers in the 702 area code. Our original numbers worked, which pleased us.

THIS NEXT BIT OF INFORMATION IS IMPORTANT! SPRINT is now billing us $530.00 for canceling the numbers they gave us for two hours that NEVER WORKED! They are calling this fraud on their part an "early termination fee."
We have spoken to their representatives 7 times over the past three weeks. The first three representatives acknowledged their (Sprint's) mistake and promised the $530.00 would be removed from our bill. We spoke with three representatives when we noticed it was STILL on our bill. We perhaps naively trusted them when they assured us (promised) the matter, THEIR MISTAKE would be adjusted from our bill. It has not been.
I've spent several hours on the phone (yes, a sprint product) with 12 representatives, most of whom were polite and seemed to want to help resolve THEIR error. All of my efforts have been to no avail...so far. I have been dealing with a gentleman at Best Buy, who advised me NOT to pay Sprint as our phone upgrades would never have been approved had we not been eligible. Thank you Best Buy, and piss off Sprint. I've seen some customers of Sprint go to the BBB. The BBB will not deal with Sprint as Sprint/Nextel does NOT Honor standard business practices with regards to honesty and decency. I have contacted the FTC and FCC regarding SOME of the lies and deception SOME of Sprint's employees have passed along as Sprint policy.
In all fairness, I do not believe Sprint makes a practice of hiring jerks and liars. Even so, I will NOT pay Sprint a charge they have acknowledged on 5 occasions to be an error on their part.

I would like to hear from someone with authority at Sprint to resolve this very unfortunate matter. Barring that event, I will continue my complaints with the FTC and FCC, and utilize all forms of social media. I will also contact CNN, MSNBC, and the entertainment network sometimes referred to as FOX. We've been with Sprint over a decade. If that means so little to you, have your CEO put it in writing with your final bill. The bill that states you made a mistake and expect us to pay for it. On the other hand, ask us to pay what we actually owe, consider apologizing, and thank us for the THOUSANDS of dollars we've paid you for the service you've provided.

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